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Clash of the Auditors Differing perceptions of proper audit practices. Same words mean different things. 1996 Auditing
Quality Audits

When Does the Audit End? This paper will explore alternate strategies for ending the quality audit. 1999 Audit

When is There Enough Control?

When is There Enough Conrtol? When standards require control, both management and auditors need to know the elements that must exist for there to be control. It is management’s job to establish and implement controls and the auditor’s job to determine if there is conformance to requirements. In the absence of specific guidance in performance standards (required procedures, records, or schedules) it is essential that auditors and management know when controls are adequate.
Adequate Control
Control Failure

Ethics and Enron Dennis Arter and JP Russell explore auditor's duty to society and their firm.
Auditing, Ethics
Wrong doing
Whistle blower
Auditing for Continual Improvement: A process for adding value Auditing methods and techniques that assess and promote continual improvement throughout the organization.

Value-added auditing
Corrective and preventive action

Dealing with ISO 9001:2000's Open-Ended Requirements Review methods and techniques to audit open-ended requirements to verify conformance and provide traceability to requirements. Closed-ended
Non prescriptive
Un-auditable requirements

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