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Summary Biography of J.P. Russell
J.P. Russell is a quality and improvement management consultant and trainer who specializes in web-based training programs. He has over 30 years experience as a business practitioner holding such positions as president, director, plant manger, business manager, superintendent, manager of new ventures, product manager, capital projects manager, and military officer in the US Army Artillery (nuclear). His work experiences range from fortune 100 companies to small service-focused organizations. He has received many business awards to demonstrate his innovative achievements that have resulted in tangible benefits to organizations. He is author of several books on process/system auditing, standards and quality, and a regular columnist for ASQ Quality Progress magazine. JP has a BS in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration. .

J.P. Russell is Managing Director of for QualityWBT Center for Education ( Mr. Russell is an ASQ Fellow, an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) and former RAB and IRCA QMS Lead Auditor. He is a member of ASQ, and voting member of the US Technical Advisor Group TC176 (ISO 9000 series standards). Mr. Russell has been a speaker at several national conferences and regional organizational meetings as well as being an ASQ qualified instructor.

In 2008 he was presented with the Paul Gauthier ASQ Audit Division award. He has received the Outstanding Professional Achievement award from US TAG TC176 in 2006, ASQ Testimonial Awards in 2000 and 2004, and Quality Auditor of the Year award in 1997 by ASQ Audit Division.

JP was the editor of The ASQ Supply Chain Management Primer (Quality Press 2013), co author of the eAuditing Fundamentals book (Quality Press 2012), co author of ISO Lesson Guide 2008 (and former editions), Quality Press 2009, author of Internal Auditing Basics, Quality Press 2007 2nd edition, Continual Improvement Assessment: Promoting and Sustaining Business Results, Quality Press 2004; ISO 9004 Criteria Checklist for Performance Improvement, Quality Press 2004; Process Auditing Techniques, Quality Press 2003, co-author of Puzzling Auditing Puzzles, Quality Press 2000; editor of The ASQ Auditing Handbook, Quality Press, 2012 4rd edition; co-author of Puzzling Quality Puzzles, Quality Press 1998; principal co-author of the After the Quality Audit: Closing the Loop on the Audit Process, Quality Press, 2000 2nd ed.; author of several works prior to the year 2000, and author many magazine articles.

In his free time JP enjoys digital photography, fishing and boating, writing, and grandpa days with his granddaughter. He volunteers his time to national charities, social events and to ASQ divisions and sections.

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