TOC for The Internal Auditing Basics Pocket Guide

Internal Auditing Process
Chapter 1: Welcome to Auditing
Chapter 2: Getting the Assignment
Chapter 3: Audit Service Inputs (purpose and scope)
Chapter 4: Preparing for the audit
Chapter 5: Identifying Requirements and Planning
Chapter 6: Desk Audit and Audit Strategies
Chapter 7: Beginning the Audit
Chapter 8: Data Collection
Chapter 9: Applying Process Techniques/ Process Auditing
Chapter 10: Analyzing the Results
Chapter 11: Reporting and Follow-up Actions
Appendix A: Example audit plan
Appendix B: Example work order
Appendix C: Example meeting agenda and record
Appendix D: Example interview schedule
Appendix E: Example checklist page
Appendix G: Example Notification Letter
Appendix of popular performance standard
20 Basic Audit Principles

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